Denise Munguia, LM CPM

It was her own experience with Midwives during her pregnancy and having a water birth that spurred Denise into becoming a midwife herself. Having experienced both obstetric care and then midwifery care and seeing the differences and what birth could be, she changed career paths and enrolled in the Nizhoni Midwifery Institute in San Diego.

Denise completed her clinical residency at a birth center an graduated from Nizhoni in 2015.  She is licensed in the State of CA by the Medical Board and Certified nationally as a CPM. She is also approved by the National Association of Registered Midwives to teach future midwives after meeting the national criteria. Denise is Fluent in Spanish, devoted to her work and has great attention to detail.

Raven Yeargin, LM CPM

Raven was previously a math and science teacher in Berkley, CA. After enduring a traumatic pregnancy, she knew there was a better way. She became a doula and loved supporting women of color. With support of her wonderful and supporting husband she enrolled in Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery to take that extra step to help birthing people everywhere and lessen birth-birth related disparities in her community. One of her goals is to make midwifery care accessible to all who want it.   

Raven is a wonderful fountain of knowledge and with her teaching background you will always learn something new. She LOVES herbs and whipping up homemade goodies!

Alyssa Cardenas-Guzman, Senior Intern

While getting experience as a doula, Alyssa became fascinated with midwifery and out of hospital deliveries. After providing services to many of our families, Alyssa decided to jump into midwifery and enrolled at Mercy in Action College of Midwifery and is doing her internship here at AA Midwifery Center. Alyssa is sweet, compassionate and very aware and respectful of the birth space. We are truly honored to have her and our families all love her too, especially the littles!

Alyssa is a newlywed that just married her amazing husband, Sebastian, that is very supportive of the work she does for our families. We hope you come to love Alyssa as much as we love her!

Mosi Blane, Office Manager/Doula

Mosi has worked as a massage therapist for many years and  has an abundance of knowledge of the body. Through her work as our office manager she has come to love the process and body’s work during pregnancy and labor. After many of our families asked for her support as a doula she went through the training and is now certified and is assisting our  families. 

Mosi has a fun, quirky personality that draws our clients to her. She really enjoys music, especially concerts and loves to travel. We can’t wait for you to meet her and enjoy mingling with her at our front desk when she's not busy.