Birth is a normal process. We know that giving birth is a spiritual and life-affirming moment! 

Birth Options

You'll be pleasantly surprised with all of the comforts you can experience during your birth. You have comfort option measures such as water, walking, free movement, and aromatherapy. You wear what you like, eat if you're hungry, sing, dance, move - it's YOUR birth! We'll provide you with an informed consent packet to choose such things as the Vitamin K or eye treatment for your baby as well as a personalized Birth plan. We don't have one specific "way" to do birth since things unfold in their own way. We will walk you through the different variations of your delivery  such as delivering your own baby, having your partner assist you or have the midwives do it. Have you though about who will "cut the cord?", it can be dad or YOU maybe even both of you. These are just a few of the things we help you think about before the birth.

Through the time spent during prenatal visits, you will become familiar with both the midwifery staff and the facility. All our practices are geared to promote the physiological processes of birth.  

Birth Package include the following:

Comprehensive prenatal care with nutritional counseling, risk screening and evaluation

Informed Consent and Birth Planning

Complete newborn assessment

Breastfeeding Support

Foot printing, placenta art and keepsake birth certificate

Six weeks of postpartum care for mother and baby

Water Birth

Water has always provided comfort. Warm water envelops the body creating buoyancy and a weightless feeling and  can diminishes the sensation of the contractions.

When your body relaxes, adrenaline levels decrease and oxytocin and endorphins are released. These hormonal painkillers reduce stress and lessen pain. This encourages the progression of labor, making it easier, shorter and even enjoyable.

The relief from the warm water is so good that it is worth bearing in mind that it can be used as pain relief even if you don't want or plan to have a water birth.

Birth Center

Birth in our ‘home’ and let us not only pamper you but do the preparation and clean-up too! We’ll light the candles and turn on the music and fill up the tub.  There are no towels and sheets to wash or tub to prepare; we do it all for you! 

We include ALL of your birth supplies so when you come you don't need to bring things like diapers or wipes.  You'll go home with a goodie bag including your peri bottle and pads.